Industrial IoT platforms are undergoing rapid shift away from vertically integrated systems built mostly out of embedded software towards an Edge Virtualization Platforms and commodity, cloud native software.  While the cloud, big-data, fast-data, machine-learning has been a huge thing in the IT industry for the last years, the production industry was stuck in a proprietary world, dominated by some of the big players. Two open source projects now offer the building blocks for the new platform that can hope to break that proprietary chokehold. Linux Foundation's Project EVE (Edge Virtualization Engine) aims to develop an open and standardized edge container runtime platform capable of orchestrating cloud-native applications across the enterprise, on-premises edge and IoT deployments. It does so by leveraging hardware-assisted virtualization and provides software defined networking and I/O virtualization capabilities to the end user applications running on it.

We use EVE as a runtime for the new Apache PLC4X project that in turn provides a unified API for communicating with industrial controllers via a wide variety of protocols. Besides providing the APIs and driver implementations, PLC4X also provides integration modules to other Apache frameworks such as Apache Edgent, Apache Camel and Apache Kafka that are also supported by the unified EVE IoT edge container runtime. This makes it really easy to integrate industrial controllers into our Open-Source world. Self-optimizing production processes, predictive maintenance, industrial control systems running in the companies cloud. This was all almost impossible until now. With Apache PLC4X and LF Edge EVE it will be easy.


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