About 3 years ago, I had an idea of using Open-Source software to create the next generation of industrial it solutions. 

At ApacheCon 2017 in Miami I introduced this idea to the public with my "Building SCADA systems with Apache Software". 2019 the Apache PLC4X project is an Apache TLP. 

In this talk I will not talk about technical details of the project itself, but all the steps we took on this journey from a community-building point of view. Starting way before writing the first line of code. 

After these last two years, I would claim that "community-building" is by far the most challenging task when initiating a new project, but it's also seems to be one we tend to treat as second-class citizens - even in established projects. Hopefully I will be able to show you how rewarding community-building can be ... 

After all: Apache is all about community over code and it's that way for a reason