It is a period of technological change. Rebel Industry 4.0 open-source software solutions, striking from hidden bases, have won their first victories against the evil proprietary Industrial Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to implement industrial protocols to the Empire’s ultimate weapons, the industrial Programmable Logic Controllers, almost unprotected pieces of hardware with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, a representative of the project races to Berlin aboard his ICE, custodian of his plans to revolutionize the way we are building Industry 4.0 applications, that can free all companies and restore freedom to the industry …

Learn how the Apache PLC4X project has evolved and what we have planned for the future and especially how it can currently help close the gap between industrial hardware and modern software solutions to build the next generation of industrial IoT solutions, based entirely on open-source software.


Frannz Salon