Classifying images into Cats or Hotdogs may make for great AI demos, but for many of us, it has limited $DAYJOB uses. What if you have loads of documents, or a bunch of legacy data? Fear not, Apache software can help!

We'll begin by building a few AI / ML systems to solve some common business problems, without a cat picture in sight (sorry...). We'll also cover some key concepts around building AI / ML systems, and some of the pitfalls that beginners risk encountering.

With the base AI bits covered, next we need to feed in some data! We'll review both common and lesser-known Apache projects, and see how we can combine them all to get our real-world data into something AI-friendly. Finally, we'll look at some real business problems we can solve by using all this Apache software together.

When we're done, you'll have seen some real business problems solved with AI (with the code!), know what to watch out for, and have discovered some of the Apache projects out there you'll need to build your own AI / ML business