Program schedule online now!

It's with great pleasure that we present to you the program schedule of this year's ApacheCon Europe.

Thanks to our amazing volunteer program committee, the track chairs and everyone who has submitted a session to our Call for Participation attendees of ACEU will be able to really experience "Tomorrows Technology Today".

Among others topics include Big Data, IoT, Machine Learning, Community and Open Source Design. Participants learn about Open Source development "The Apache Way", through hands-on sessions, keynotes, real-world case studies, hackathons, and more in a deliberately intimate, collaborative, vendor-neutral environment.

Dozens of Apache projects will be represented across dedicated categories and project tracks, including Airflow, Beam, Calcite, Cassandra, Flink, Hivemall (incubating), HTTP Server, Ignite, IoTDB (incubating), Kafka, MXNet, Mynewt, NiFi, Spark, Tika, Tomcat, Training (incubating), and more.

Furthermore we are happy to celebrate 20 years of Apache with special events such as a dynamic discourse with select ASF founders, and keynotes by keynoters Nanjala Nyabola, Thomas Gageik and Miguel Gamiño.

Find the full program schedule here. Get your ticket on our registration page, discounts are available for Apache Committers as well as Pupils, students, trainees, people on social welfare, retirees and people with disabilities.

Photo: cc-by-sa 3.0 Philipp Kaden