Berlin ApacheCon Airflow Meetup

It’s a Breeze to contribute to Apache Airflow

A hands-on workshop accompanying the It’s a Breeze to develop Airflow talk at ApacheCon EU will take place at the Contenful Offices on 24th of October at 6pm. The training is for those who want to get a feel for using the super-productive 'Breeze' development environment to contribute to Airflow. It's a great low stress opportunity to wade into the world of open source development and contribution.

The session will be geared towards Mac and Linux users but Windows users are welcome to sit in. In preparation for the class, please make sure you have setup the following prerequisites:

The class will be given by Jarek Potiuk and Tomasz Urbaszek of Polidea. The capacity is about 30 workstations but more people are welcome if you want to pair with someone else.

Here's a blog post that gives you some context for the class:

The Contentful office is at RItterstr 12-14, Berlin, 10437. The nearest U-Bahn is Moritzplatz and the building has a huge mural of Obama, Putin and Merkel on the side. 

There will be pizza and have drinks available. Here's a Google Map of the office location:

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