ApacheCon EU BarCamp talkes place on Oct 22nd

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BarCampApache is a BarCamp being facilitated by a group of people involved in the Apache Software Foundation. All topics are still welcome however! Because of who is helping organise it, there will be a lot of people around who know a lot about Apache projects / communities / technologies, so there are normally quite a few sessions proposed on those areas. It's not exclusively Apache though, so everyone should come, and especially talk about other things too! We like to hear all about fun new ideas and projects and technologies (smile)

This BarCamp is being hosted alongside ApacheCon EU 2019, and will run on 22nd September. BarCampApache will be a dynamic get together open to all attendees. Like other unconferences, the schedule will be determined by the participants. We strongly encourage lots of people from Berlin to come along and share their knowledge and ideas, we want it to be a great day of sharing for everyone. Everyone coming in for the conference is encouraged to come early, it'll be a great day for all!

This year the event requires registration to the Apachecon. We do ask that you sign up in advance though, details below, so we know how many to expect. On the day, come along for 9am.

Find all of the details about the ApacheCon Barcamp here.