Principal Software Engineer

Enthusiastic and pragmatic Engineer, Technology Evangelist, Software Gardener, geek and gadget lover. Intelligent, extremely good in problem investigation and solving, presenting high integrity, sharing passion, enthusing others. With strong personality, but at the same time team player. Focused on mobile, cloud and everything in-between. Experienced in Robotics, good understanding of AI context.

Passionate choir-member.

Experienced technical team leader in the modern sense of it. Leading and motivating professional teams of developers, testers, IT admins, project managers. Not only leading but also actively participating in all of the things his people do. Patient and very good mentor. As leader - focused on achieving realistic deliverables with quality matching the expectations. Balancing well research and pragmatic approach, with strong flair for innovations.

Experienced, passionate and talented speaker - especially on the loved subjects: technology, tools, development, mobile. Very good communication skills.

Excellent technical sales support - knowledgable not only about technology but also about much broader subjects regarding business and people communication,helpful with understanding and explaining technology to customers. Uniquely combines deep analytical skills and attention to detail with very well developed synthetic thinking of many areas of business and technology.


Devops, Cloud, Open Source, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Mobile, Robotic Operating System (ROS), real-time communication, mobile apps, mobile development, user interface, mobile and embedded operating systems, social, distributed systems, software development methodologies, continuous improvements, continuous integration and deployment (automate everything!). System architecture for real time systems, telecomm (GSM) industry, database/system architecture, management information systems, HTTP protocols, wearable devices.